Techni, but will answer to basically anything. A person, probably. Certified Art Fight addict and low-key voxel wizard, apparently. Likes fish, birds, and cake. 23, perpetually tired, partial to they but honestly doesn't give a damn about pronouns. I'm just here to draw things and have a good time.

I'm an obnoxiously huge fan of Mili, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, and Critical Role, which is an... eclectic selection of interests, I suppose.

Animation student that doesn't do enough animating. Kinda likes 3D but doesn't do a lot of it. Codes, sews, and bakes sometimes. Wants to learn how to make video games at some point. Not entirely sure why I'm writing this in something vaguely resembling third person.

I have a million personal projects that are floating around in my brain at any given time. Should I work on making them exist? Probably. Am I doing that? Definitely not.

Not a stunning conversationalist but I'm told I'm friendly. If you're looking to chat I promise I don't bite.